This is an ongoing body of work focusing on male members of the Congolese community based in London, who follow ideology of La Sape. For subscribers of this movement, fashion transcends being something purely aesthetic; style is a way to express a lifestyle.

I work with individuals on collaborative basis, all the clothing is their own, and the styling is of their choosing. The portraits are shot in London, around the area where each subject lives. The aesthetic of La Sape is reflective of the urban city centres in which they live and travel.

The movement originated amongst the Congolese community in Paris, but has followers in both London and Belgium- this mix of influence is reflected seamlessly through the way they put together outfits.

In these urban spaces, the La Sape have created a unique identity for themselves, drawing attention to their success and cosmopolitan lifestyle through the luxurious labels they wear combined in a way, which displays an affinity and understanding of fashion that is very distinctive and never fails to draw attention. Please contact me for further information or to see more images from this series.